The Ultimate Bridal Gown Guide

One of the most important things a bride worries about when she starts planning her wedding is finding the perfect wedding dress. The most time-consuming part is finding the perfect wedding dress that fits in your budget.


There are  a number of shops and e-store where you can buy European Gowns. You can either buy wedding dresses online or you can visit any store that sells quality dresses. However, to find the one dress that can make you look your best is not at all an easy task.


From laces to fabric and sequence to color combinations, there is a lot to think about and this can take a tool on you. There are only a handful of wedding dress boutiques in Dubai that can deliver tailored dresses to match your exact needs.


Nurj Bridal Couture is a European wedding dress shop in UAE that offers a range of beautifully balanced traditional as well as contemporary wedding gowns uniquely made for each bride.


If you are a bride-to-be in Dubai then you should buy your wedding dress with Nurj Bridal. Brides deserve to be at their most beautiful and our aim is not only to design and produce the perfect wedding dresses but to provide daily inspiration for our brides-to-be.


Read a few tips you can use to keep a track of your schedule.

  • Make the budget.

The most important thing you don’t want to do is to fall in love with a wedding gown that is well far out of your budget. Keep a budget in mind before you start shopping for your wedding dress. Make a plan ahead of time that will allow your bridal stylist to select the best dresses for you to try.

  • Start looking for reference images.

Once you’ve established the budget, start online browsing so that you discover the things you love and bookmark the reference images. By doing this you will be able to determine what styles of dresses best fit your personal preferences as well as the patterns, necklines, silhouettes and the other details you like. Although it’s essential to try on dresses to make sure they’re fitting your body type, looking through many photos of dresses will assist in kicking off the shopping experience.

  • Select the shopping besties.

Be mindful not to have too many guests who are shopping for perfect wedding dresses with you. Keep your guests to a few close family and friends such as your mother or the maid-of-honor. A lot of different opinions could cause stress when shopping for a dress and will take more time than you need.


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  • Start Shopping.

Now is the perfect time to start making your way through the process of shopping for your dress. It is important to know the basics, such as what to look for in the right bridal shop and what questions you can ask your stylist so that you can ensure you’re prepared for the wedding dress shopping experience.


Be honest about your budget: Make sure you inform the designer about your budget so that you can get those wedding dresses to try out that are within your budget.

  • Make sure that the color and design is what you want.

It’s an excellent idea to try various designs to make sure that the gown you’ve selected is “the one”. Make sure to get the blouse fitting and design shared with the tailor in advance.

  • 9 months prior to your wedding select your dress.

At the 9-month point, it is time to make a decision about a dress and pay a down payment. It could take as long as six months for the dress to be prepared and delivered to the boutique. Make sure you have enough time for the trail and alterations.


Without a further ado, visit the Nurj bridal boutique or their online store to find stunning and ecologically friendly gowns.

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