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How to Find an Eco-Friendly and Stylish Wedding Gown

Is there a greater day than your wedding day to honor the ideals that are most important to you? Another fantastic approach to arrange an environmentally responsible wedding is to get a sustainable bridal gown, which is much easier than you might expect.

There are a plethora of good brands and the European Gowns brands creating stunningly gorgeous bridal gowns that are responsibly and ethically produced, nowadays. You can also buy a used gown or rent one if that is more convenient for you. We’ve broken down exactly what to look for in an eco-friendly wedding dress, as well as the greatest spots to buy, to assist you to say yes to the (sustainable) gown.

How to Go Green When Buying a Wedding Dress?

There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to environmental stewardship. “Sustainability is a multi-faceted idea with numerous approaches,” explains Brenna Simmons, founder of Nordeen, an eco-friendly wedding gown line. A little can go a long way, it is not necessary to check all of the boxes. “Decide which component is most significant to you, and then begin asking your leading brands those concerns to gain more information on where their merchandise comes from,” Simmons suggests. It’s all about choosing what works best for your wedding, whether it’s gowns created from recycled fabrics or preloved gowns.

Purchase made-to-order dress

Because many companies and designers provide a made-to-order option, your gown is a terrific place to start when it comes to organizing an eco-friendly wedding. Marteal Mayer, the co-founder of sustainable Brooklyn bridal boutique Loulette Bride, explains, “Our goods are manufactured to order, that guarantees we have no surplus inventory.” In theory, making made-to-order attire rather than ready-to-wear apparel results in less waste.

Other considerations, however, should not be overlooked. Just because an item was created to order does not mean it was manufactured responsibly or sustainably, Mayer cautions. “The fabrics and where the gown comes from, as well as who produced it, are the most significant considerations.”

To address this concern, if you are looking for a European wedding dress in Dubai, look no further than Nurj Bridal Couture. All of the dresses on display have been confirmed to be made solely in Europe and to the highest quality standards.

Keep an eye on the components.

There are lots of various ways to purchase sustainable bridal gowns and European-style dresses, as we previously stated. “One option would be to concentrate on the components,” Simmons adds, “whether that be textiles manufactured from recycled garbage or plant-based fibers coming from sustainably harvested farms and forests.” A great place to begin is with anything manufactured from recycled, organic, or natural materials.

The material used to make a bridal gown has a significant impact on its environmental impact. “Because synthetics are typically created from petroleum, making them practically plastic, natural materials are more environmentally friendly, ” Mayer explains. In a landfill, polyester and other synthetic products can take more than 200 years to break down, according to the designer.

However, how do you figure out what material an item of clothing is composed of? Asking questions is the best way to learn. “Manufacturers must also declare the fiber composition of clothing and where they are produced so that the information is readily available,” Mayer explains. “Don’t ever be scared to contact designers you’re interested in and ask them more questions!”

Inquire about the production process.

Learn as much as you can about the production process, since selecting an ethically created bridal gown is your top priority. Asking where the textiles and completed goods are created is a great place to begin. “Ask your designer where they make it to make sure it’s not manufactured in a factory overseas when you want to promote locally made products” Simmons recommends. Wedding gowns created domestically have a lesser carbon impact because you’ll be helping your domestic economy.

The cost of a dress can also indicate whether it was made ethically. “It’s critical to understand that inexpensive, cheap products are inexpensive for a reason,” Mayer explains. “Right now, sustainably created products are just more costly because it costs more to produce responsibly, incorporate environmentally friendly materials, and pay fair labor wages.” “You are assisting in guaranteeing that no shortcuts are made, people are appropriately compensated, and the environment is treated with respect,” Simmons says.

That doesn’t rule out the possibility of finding affordable sustainable bridal gowns. You can even look for eco-friendly European dresses online. Going green comes in a variety of price ranges, and there are solutions to cut the budget as well. “Most eco-friendly manufacturers would have sample sales,” Mayer says, “where dresses that are perhaps extra samples or even some unexpected surplus inventory will be sold for a small fraction of the cost!”

Preloved dresses aren’t to be overlooked.

According to Simmons, another option to buy responsibly is to “prolong the lifespan of anything that already exists by discovering and resurrecting a preloved gown or wardrobe.” “You might do this discovering something at a thrift store or by browsing secondhand shops and boutiques or by looking to buy wedding dress online” Buying vintage clothing offers a number of advantages, but one of the most important is the cost. “These solutions are typically significantly more reasonable, with the only extra expense being any cleaning or adjustments required,” Simmons notes.

However, while purchasing secondhand, there are a few things to remember. You should double-check the measurements on some dresses because they may have been altered before. “Verify the measurements of the dress itself and ensure the hemline will still be long enough for you” suggests Mayer, who recommends measuring by true body measurements rather than label size because past adjustments can affect fitting.

You should also shop around for dry cleaning if it is required. “Dry cleaning is not an environmentally friendly technique at all,” Mayer says, “but there are environmentally friendly dry cleaners around nowadays!” Particularly if they also provide wet cleaning, which should only use moderate, non-toxic detergents, check for services that promote green dry cleaning.

Look for an upcycling designer.

Consult with an upcycling designer, if you really want to reuse a previously used wedding gown but can’t seem to find one you like. Melissa Sullivan, the proprietor of Maison Sully, a bridal studio that specializes in remaking vintage items, says, “Upcycling vintage is intrinsically sustainable because you are helping to avoid waste.”

You’ll also get a lot of bang for your cash. “In terms of budget, fit, and quality, purchasing an upcycled bridal gown is perfect,” adds Sullivan. “It’s almost always cheaper to buy used than it is to purchasing brand new.” Soon-to-be brides may put their own stamp on something really unique with these recycled wedding gowns. “Doing vintage is just like carrying a bit of history,” Sullivan says, “with a heritage you get to enrich with your own tale.”

Think about renting your bridal gown.

Renting a bridal gown is another approach to getting a low-cost, environmentally friendly gown. What happens to the outfit after the wedding day is one of the main difficulties with sustainability in the bridal gown industry.

Keep in mind, however, that sizing options may be restricted, and modifications to the garment are unlikely. Renting, on the other hand, is an easy and cost-effective method to make your bridesmaid dresses more environmentally friendly.

Purchase from companies that are committed to giving back to the community.

By giving a share of the profits to various charities or environmental organizations, several companies promote sustainable development. You must still ask questions to ensure that their bridal gowns are purchased responsibly, even though it’s a good sign that the company promotes environmental conservation. An excellent approach to encourage sustainability is buying from companies that donate to environmental initiatives.

Where Can I Find an Environmentally Friendly Wedding Gown?

Studying what goes into creating the bridal gown responsibly and ethically is essential, however, it won’t make obtaining the gown of your fantasies any simpler. Fortunately, if you’re looking for wedding gowns in Abu Dhabi, you may visit the Nurj Bridal boutique or their online store to find stunning and ecologically friendly gowns.

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