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Should you go for a white dress or a cream one? Satin or lace? Strapless or long sleeved? Princess, ball gown, or A-line style? We understand! All these options seem to be too much but you need not to worry about a thing. We’re here to serve you to the best of our ability. Reach out to us if you have any questions about buying European wedding dresses in the UAE and around the world.

There are a number of designers and wedding dress shops in Dubai providing premium bridal dresses online and in stores all around Dubai. Nurj Bridal Couture is a premium bridal dress brand offering unique designs and unparalleled quality. The brand has seen immense success in the Middle Eastern market and continues to grow. Nurj aims to make every bride feel like the queen of the ball.

The right fabric for your wedding dress can make or break its look. When it comes to finding the perfect wedding dress, there are a number of factors you’ll want to consider: the fabric and style of your dress, as well as how comfortable and low-maintenance you want it to be.


If you’re getting married during spring or summer, a lighter fabric is best. However, if your wedding is in the autumn or winter, a heavier fabric is more appropriate.


If you want to make a wedding gown with a strong silhouette and a fitted bodice, you should choose a structured wedding fabric. Satin is a thick fabric with a faint sheen. It is ideal for a traditional wedding, but because it is a very warm cloth, it may not be acceptable in the summer.


If you prefer a more flowing gown with less structure, go with a soft bridal fabric. Chiffon is a transparent fabric that is ideal for basic outfits. It is a lightweight textile that performs well in warm temperatures. Charmeuse is a beautiful, high-shine fabric that looks best on draped garments.


Choosing wedding dress fabric is indeed a hefty task and a lot of thought goes into it. There are a few designers and boutiques that can help you choose the type of fabric you should go for. Nurj Bridal Couture is one of those bridal stores in the UAE that could take you through the step-by-step process of choosing a wedding dress that would suit you the best.

There are many bridal boutiques in UAE offering amazing bridal dresses. Nurj, however, offers more than an average dress, our dresses are made with premium European fabrics and Swiss lace & embroidery to provide you with exquisite bridal silhouettes you can rely on. You should choose Nurj because every dress is engineered to perfection. Because your beauty is absolute and you deserve to be your best self on your special day.

Wedding dress prices vary largely based on fabric, quality, design, and a number of other factors. There are numerous wedding boutiques in Dubai offering a variety of wedding dress collections with prices ranging from low to high. Nurj Bridal Couture is a premium European wedding dress boutique offering exquisite wedding gowns in different styles and at affordable prices. You can reach out to us any time to find out the prices according to your requirements.

Historically, brides around the world have been wearing wedding dresses in a variety of colors. White, predominantly, in western culture and red in Chinese and Eastern culture. Queen Victoria is the one who popularized the white wedding dress. Brides used to wear different colored dresses, including white, but she took it to another level. Another reason is that white represents happiness, purity, and perfection. So it’s totally up to the bride to choose the wedding dress color and there is no compulsion in it.

This is a burning question that a lot of people ask. Especially during the Covid times when weddings are being delayed, people are increasingly getting anxious about storing their wedding dresses for long periods. First things first, you wouldn’t want your wedding dress to be stored in plastic. The reason is that it is not breathable and it would leave odor so you’d want to store it in a breathable fabric bag. Secondly, you should keep it hanging in a dark, dry spot with minimum to no exposure to light. That place could be the back of a long closet. If you don’t have a bag, you could use a long sheet of cloth, make a hole right in the center for the hanger head, and put it on the wedding gown. It would be enough to keep it safe from stains. Do not keep it in a cluttered place because it would cause wrinkles that won’t go if it stays there for a longer period.