Bridal Guide to Choose the Perfect Wedding Veil for your Wedding Dress

“It’s not just another dress, it’s the dress that you’ll remember forever” – So, are you getting ready for your memorable day? Whether you’re planning to wear a fishtail gown or ball gown for your wedding dress, Wedding Veil is the perfect addition to your wedding dress that gathers the center of attraction. As your big day is the only occasion you are ever going to wear the wedding veil, make your choice an extraordinary one that acts as your crowning glory by shopping at Wedding Dresses Online in Abu Dhabi.

Choose the Perfect Wedding Veil for your Wedding Dress

Wedding Veil Styles

Start by considering the length….

Shoulder Length

This will suit the best for informal gowns and brides with short hair. Also, this may look great and add fullness to a bridge with a narrow length.

Elbow Length

This veil style will work better for informal gowns without a train; also, this length will draw attention to the waist of the wedding gown which comes with a full skirt or ornamental waistlines. If you have a broad or wide waistline, then try to avoid Elbow length veil.

Fingertip Length

 This wedding veil works better for formal and semi-formal wedding gowns.

Chapel Length

This veil works better for formal weddings and it is about 3 yards long. This length will suit well for tall and fuller figure brides.

Cathedral Length

This suits well for formal wedding gowns with long trains and this veil will be longer than your dress train.

Blusher Length

Used for formal and informal weddings. This comes with a main veil along with a shoulder-length veil. The smaller portion of the veil is worn over to cover the face while walking down the aisle.

Wedding Veil Colors

You can find different types of wedding veil colors by shopping for wedding dresses online in Abu Dhabi. Make sure to choose a bridal veil that matches your wedding dress.

If you cannot match the exact color of your bridal wedding dress then opt for a shade lighter than a darker one. There are usually three different colors of veils mostly preferred by brides and they are:


Brides usually prefer a white color wedding gown for their big day, so a white veil of cathedral length is the most preferred by brides for their special day.

Diamond White:

This is a slight shade of white color. This veil matches white silk dresses or wedding gowns that come with different shades of white color.


If your wedding gown is of beige or ivory color shade, then these creamed-colored veils will suit them best.

Wedding Veil Fabric

Most brides used to select tulle fabric because of its versatility and inexpensiveness. Also, tulle fabric helps to maintain its shape and provides a comfortable, stylish, and airy look for the bride.

Also, the mixture of popular fabrics tulle and nylon gives a softer touch and makes the bride’s biggest day a comfortable one.

The next popular wedding veil fabric preferred by brides is silk and satin. These are a heavier material that hangs straight and gives a comfy look and feel. Chiffon veils work better for a fuller gown as it works for a beautiful drape, rather than a traditional tulle, and create a fuller look.

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Shall I Choose: A Short Length, A Medium Length, or a Long Veil?

After reading the above information, you may come across a question like – whether you want to choose a short length, a medium length, or a long veil? The answer will be, very obviously – Choose the one which is comfortable for you.

Is your big day coming up? Start shopping from now on to find the right wedding veil that matches your wedding dress. No matter whether it’s short, medium, or long length, fabric whether in tulle or in lace, the main thing is that you need to choose a veil that makes you shine on your big day as well reflect your own inner light.

 Choose the Perfect Wedding Veil for your Wedding Dress

Hope, this guide has given you a clear insight on choosing the perfect wedding veil for your big day. So, before shopping for wedding dresses online in Dubai, just close your eyes and imagine your day with a beautiful wedding gown with a veil, you’re looking awesome, right? Yeah, when you walk down the aisle wearing a veil, you will be the center of attraction on your special day! So, start shopping online and choose the best wedding veil for your big day!

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