Wedding dress shopping: 12 tips you can use to save hundreds

Wedding dresses can seem incredibly expensive, not only because they need a special touch, but also because they have a terrible return on investment; it’s one of the only clothes people expect (hopefully) to wear only once in their lifetime.

Wedding dress shopping

The cost of a wedding dress and gown can easily start into the thousands before the price of alterations and accessories. But savvy wedding dress shoppers can save money by following these shopping tips.

  • Buy a Pre-Owned Wedding Dress

Second-hand bridal robes may be pretty stealable. Since maximum human beings put on their wedding ceremony clothes simplest once (that’s the purpose at least), you can get a nearly new robe for a fragment of what it is at the start value.


“There are a variety of resale stores proper now,” says Kelima, the proprietor of custom bridal atelier She Will Be Loved positioned in Hollywood Hills and New York City. “Second-hand wedding ceremony clothes method locating what perhaps changed into a $5,000 robe that has been hugely reduced.” A used get dressed will typically value much less than 1/2 of the unique price. If you`re taking Vera Wang, that would imply paying $4,000 for an $8,000 get dressed.


If you`re looking for an unknown designer, you may turn out to be paying much less than $1,000. Online outlets including Borrowing Magnolia are really well worth checking out, similarly to neighborhood brick-and-mortar consignment stores.

  • Rent a Wedding Dress

Who says guys are the handiest ones who can hire formalwear? If you’re now no longer sentimental about your daughter sporting your wedding ceremony get dressed down the aisle one day, you could store bundles via means of renting your bridal wedding gown.


Rent the Runway has clothier alternatives that run the gamut of formality, with charges that not often exceed $200. You can rent wedding dress online or you can visit NURJ bridal shop in Dubai.

  • Opt for a short dress.

“Short clothes are commonly much less pricey than full-duration robes and lend themselves properly to an easy-breezy vacation spot wedding ceremony within the tropics.


“Especially with inside the case of last-minute elopements, wherein you are probably hopping on an aircraft whilst wearing your wedding ceremony attire.”

  • Choose a lightweight dress for hot temps.

If you`re getting married in hot temperatures or summer, you do not need to be weighed down with the aid of using heavy fabric. “For tropical vacation spot weddings, it is great to have a lightweight, breathable dress,”.


“And typically, the much less fabric, the extra lower priced the dress. This is for sure a win-win situation for vacation spot wedding ceremony brides.”

  • Know what you want before going shopping.

“If you`re quite certain you realize what you need whilst you cross in, now no longer the simplest will you keep time, however frequently boutiques and get dressed stores will provide as much as possible bargain in case you purchase your dress same day.

So in case you cross in already having an idea you can turn out to be saving a piece via means of shopping for on the primary visit.”

  • Scour sample sales and wholesale stores.

If you`re patient, pattern income may be your first-class friend. “Keep a watch out for pattern income and wholesale shops, in addition to reselling on websites wherein you are probably capable of snagging to get the dress of your desires for half of the price.

  • Buy a simple dress and splurge on custom alterations.

You can save money by buying a simple dress from a wedding gown shop in Dubai or you can find it online, and alter it to suit your personality. You can rather put the money into the alterations to make it how you want than buying an already made more pricey dress that you see all the time.

  • Choose your fabrics carefully.

Silk and lace are expensive fabric which are normally used for wedding ceremony gowns.” there are numerous much less costly fabrics that appear fabulous and value much less.”


Synthetic and mixed fabric are generally the least costly, however even taffeta and chiffon will value much less than silk or lace. “If you discover a get dressed that charges too much, you’ll be capable of buying a less expensive one, however in addition textured cloth and feature a seamstress make the get dressed for much less,” she said.


“Consulting at a seamstress it’s far more critical earlier than shopping for any cloth to ensure it’ll paint with the bride’s style, season and wedding ceremony style (greater or much less formal).”

  • Shop in the winter or summer seasons.

Another tip is to time your purchases strategically. “Designers often prepare to launch their new lines during the winter and summer, and retailers often have to make room for these new dresses, and they do this by selling second hand and projecting stock samples at a discount.”

  • Have your gown custom made?

This may seem like an expensive option, but it doesn’t have to be. “We recently worked with a bride who had a completely custom dress and I was impressed with the cost and quality of it”.

“A custom-made dress may not be as expensive as it looks and I’ve learned because a local tailor makes no distinction between manufacturer and retailer – you only pay for the fabric, trim, tailor’s time and expertise.”

“Some clients just send in all of her measurements, review the photos for editing, and then receive them in the mail.” That’s perfect and if you want, I can share a professional photo of her dress on her wedding day. Of course, I recommend always checking seller feedback before committing and paying. Check out the reviews and photos of past brides to be sure this is a reputable seller. “


Wedding dress shopping

  • Don’t even try on dresses that are over your budget.

Once you attempt a highly-priced get dressed, you won’t be happy with an inexpensive option. It is probably tempting to attempt on the ones extravagant clothier wedding ceremony gowns “only for fun!”

  • Buy a bridesmaid dress instead.

It seems counter-intuitive that many designers will have bridesmaid dresses in ivory and white tones, and they are significantly cheaper with almost identical aesthetics, most wedding dresses cost around $1,000, but you can steal the gorgeous look from their bridesmaids collection for under $300. “

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