Free Wedding Checklist – The Dress and Bridal Accessories

“Have you been dreaming of your wedding since you were five? So cute! Almost everyone may have their own dream on how to look beautiful on their special day in front of their beloved one. But, now it’s your turn to make your dream wedding into a real one.
When it comes to your special day, the main thing that strikes your mind is Wedding Dress. You can find a beautiful wedding dress by shopping online, but does only a wedding dress give a finishing touch? No! You need to have bridal accessories to complement your bridal dress. From shoes, jewelry to hair accessories, brides-to-be are looking for ways to make their wedding day a beautiful and memorable one.

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Wedding Shoes

Next to the wedding dress, shoes are one of the most important wedding accessories, which every bride needs to consider. Choose your shoes based on your wedding venue. Because on your special day, you are going to spend most of your day in the wedding venue. So, choose the one which offers you the ultimate comfort.
If you’re having an outdoor wedding venue on the grass or the beach, sky-high heels will not be a workout. In this case, you need to opt for the ones like wedges, sandals, or flats. Make sure to select your wedding shoes, before you try your wedding dress. So that your wedding gown can be tailored perfectly.

Hair Accessories

You have a lot of options when it comes to how you wear your hair on your big day. Whatever hair-do you have chosen, the perfect hair accessory will complement your beautiful look on your wedding day. There are a lot more options of hair accessories available online like tiaras, clips, combs, or bun wraps.
Nowadays, brides prefer to be simple and elegant by opting for natural fresh flowers like a single blossom or a boho-chic flower crown. You can discuss with your florists to design the best one for you. If you’re worried the flowers will be wilted within a few hours, you can opt for fake flowers which look similar to natural fresh flowers.

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Bridal Jewelry

As a bride, you will obviously be wearing a wedding band and engagement ring as jewelry. But if you think that additional jewelry can add more elegance to your look of the day, then you can go for a necklace.

If you’ve chosen a wedding gown with a strapless neckline, then you can choose to wear classic strands of pearl necklace. As this necklace looks so pretty and simple, you will definitely love to wear them even after your big day. Maybe, if you have chosen a wedding gown with a detailed embroidered neckline, then it’s advised to avoid wearing additional jewelry.


To ensure your bridal look looks picture-perfect on your special day, choosing the right undergarments is a must. While you buy a wedding dress online, you may need to purchase the right fit size shapewear, a specific type of bra for a wedding gown, and seamless comfy undergarments.
During your dress fitting session, it’s advised to bring your undergarments, so you can try out wearing your bridal dress along with the undergarments to make sure everything looks right and your undergarments stay invisible.

Hand Gloves

If you’re planning for a vintage-inspired bridal look or planning to wear a European bride wedding dress, you can prefer a wedding dress along with gloves.

Bridal gloves come in a variety of styles and lengths such as – from wrist length to over the elbow; as well in different fabrics such as – lace and satin. Today’s brides prefer to use fingerless lace gloves, as they don’t have to remove the gloves during the ring exchange ceremony.

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Other Bridal Accessories

The above listed are just a few of the bridal accessories you may need for your special day. Just remember that there are many other accessories such as – sashes, purses, jackets, and so on.
Have you decided to buy a wedding dress online? Good idea! By shopping online, you can take your own time to search for the wedding dress and other bridal accessories & shop for the perfect one for your big day within the comfort of online! Why are you waiting? Get started with online shopping! Happy Shopping!

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