Bridal Guide: Create a Multiple Look for Your Big Day

All set – okay, it’s time to talk about your bridal look! Not only you, it’s every girls’ dream to see herself as a princess on her big day.

Bridal Guide Create a Multiple Look for Your Big Day

Are you searching for unique ways to make yourself a prettier bride on your big day?
When it comes to selecting a wedding dress for your special day, you may come across a paradox of choice. With so many collections of european wedding dresses in Dubai, it’s really a daunting task for brides-to-be to choose the one and only dress for their big day.

That’s why, nowadays, brides are being smarter and opting for multiple wedding day looks, instead of choosing a singular wedding gown. And with celebrities’ weddings like Kate Middleton and Hailey Beiber opting for multiple bridal looks, it’s clear that this has become a new trend.

What to Consider When Changing Looks

While planning for multiple bridal looks, you need to be very cautious, as you never want to look back on your wedding day and have no regrets about what you wore on your big day.

With so many options of wedding dresses in UAE, it can be overwhelming to pick the right dress that you not only love but also make you feel comfortable and classic.

Here we have come up with the most stylish advice on how to create perfect multiple looks for your special day.

Keep It Simple

Opt for trendy bridal attire which will make you feel comfortable and stylish on your special day. You can prefer wearing a classic white gown with a romantic white veil along with bridal accessories.

You can also make your look more elegant by wearing a pearl necklace which will complement your look.

Blend Old with New

You can opt for a trendy design to wear during the reception to look more classic and to have little fun. You can look for a long-sleeve top, or a strapless gown, as it will give you a more elegant and stunning look for dinner and dancing.

You can also look for 2022’s Top Wedding Dress Styles to find something that makes you look beautiful on your special day.

Choose Classic Materials like Lace or Satin

While doing wedding dress selection, pay extra attention to the fabric. You can look for chiffon, lace, and silk, as they can give a traditional and beautiful look.

Look for European couture wedding dresses in clean lines and empire waists, A-Lines Wedding Gowns, or Ball Gowns. Changing your looks with the stunning collection of wedding dresses can make your day, a day to remember forever.

Choose the Perfect Veil

Nothing can beat the beauty of walking in the aisle with a long cathedral-length veil, even if it’s a dream for all brides-to-be. You can choose the veils based on your wedding dress.
From long veils, lace, shoulder length veils, to elbow wedding veils, there is so much to choose from and these are beautiful elements of bridal fashion that will never fade out of style.

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Why to Have Multiple Looks on Your Big Day?

  • You can impress your beloved husband and your friends & guests, by having two completely different looks.
  • You can make your photo session a great one to remember for the rest of your life, as you won’t look the same in each photo. By changing your wedding dresses throughout the day, i.e. wedding ceremony, reception, party, etc. you can look new and stunning in each photo.
  • While buying a wedding dress means, there comes a situation where you need to choose the one from your favorite 2 dresses. But here by creating multiple looks for your day, you can simply enjoy wearing both the dresses on your special day.


Shopping for wedding dresses is definitely an expensive and time-consuming task.

We understand that buying one or more wedding dresses can add a little more time to your wedding shopping and also, affects your budget.
Creating multiple looks on your special day can never go wrong, and for sure, it’s going to make your big day a special one and will create memories that should be cherished forever. It’s all – Once in a lifetime experience – so try it out.

Bridal Guide Create a Multiple Look for Your Big Day

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