Why You Should Wear a Long Sleeve Wedding Dress on Your Special Day

What do Morticia Adams, Grace Kelly, and Kate Middleton all have in common? legendary dress sleeves and elegant European wedding gowns! Brides all over the world imitated the immaculate Duchess of Cambridge in her gorgeous gown with stunning sleeves as she walked down the aisle of Westminster Abbey in 2011, and for good cause.

Why You Should Wear a Long Sleeve Wedding Dress on Your Special Day

Sleeves can significantly improve a dress and give your wedding apparel a new level of beauty and class. Sleeves come into play as you approach the daunting chore of selecting a wedding gown.

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Moving on, here are four explanations why long sleeve wedding gowns are ideal for any event!

They Help You Stay Warm.

When deciding on the design of your gown, your wedding season is a terrific place to start. Surprisingly, though a short strapless dress in the snow looks out of place or a huge ball gown trying to navigate a sandy beach in the summer appears difficult, sleeves are highly versatile to fit any weather. The fabric, not the object itself, is more important when choosing a sleeve.

In the appropriate climates, both a structured brocade sleeve and a whisper-thin lace veil over your arms can be stunning. When sleeving a gown for a warm wedding, lighter, flower fabrics are better, and for a chilly wedding, you can move right up to a thicker, more insulating material to give warmth.

They Boost Your Confidence.

In a magical way, sleeves act as the universal leveler of all dresses. Brides frequently feel self-conscious about their arms, which is unfortunate because all arms are attractive.

Can you guess what, however, relieves your mind of these worries on your special day? Sleeves! On your wedding day, a long-sleeved dress can be just what you need to put your mind at ease and regain your confidence.

There are no incorrect arms, and there are surely no incorrect arms in some exquisite wedding sleeves. Arms should be used for dancing, not being held rigid out of concern for how they will seem in photographs.

They Are Quite Cozy.

You might be concerned that wearing a sleeved dress will prevent you from doing the Forever dance and tossing the bouquet during your wedding. When you try on your dress, a good rule of thumb is to do all those motions first!

Waving from side to side while raising your arms high in the air. Try another style or size if something is uncomfortable. Arm gives is a feature of well-made wedding dresses, so this shouldn’t be a problem.

They Convey A Certain Aesthetic.

Long sleeve wedding dresses have been worn since the Middle Ages, so it’s safe to say that this design is ageless. Look to recent brides Allison Williams, Olivia Palermo, Meghan Markle, Kim Kardashian, and Sophie Turner as well as Grace Coddington and Kate Middleton for inspiration. Full sleeves were a feature of so many famous dresses and stunning brides throughout history.

In the winter, summer, or any other season, long sleeve dresses can keep you warm and elegant. Take inspiration from the many legendary women who came before you and think about sleeving up.

You might be shocked by how much you adore the style and how much more self-assured you feel on your special day!

As we conclude, with long sleeve dresses that are as stylish as your love story, celebrate your marriage in style.

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Why You Should Wear a Long Sleeve Wedding Dress on Your Special Day

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