How to Select the Appropriate Wedding Veil for Your Gown

Making your choice of bridal designer dresses online or physically is stressful and so is choosing the veil, which is a  crucial step in determining how you want to look on your wedding day. The sheer variety of bridal veil styles, which range from a face-framing 4″ to a floor-skimming 120″, leaves many brides feeling overwhelmed.

Famous & Popular Bridal Fashion Trends for 2022 Weddings

When a bride is heading down the aisle, a veil enhances her beauty, according to Nurj Bridal. By matching the beading or embroidery on the gown, it can also make the wedding dress look better.

But making a decision between a long and a short veil is not straightforward. Your wedding style can be totally changed by using veils of various styles and lengths. A cathedral-length veil feels traditional and slightly dramatic, while a blusher may have a retro-chic sense.

We have the definitive guide to wedding veil styles, complete with professional advice from bridal stylists if you’re wondering how to choose a veil.

Wedding Veil Length and Styles

30″ Blusher Wedding Veil

This design, often referred to as an angel veil or wedge veil, has a less conventional appearance with a retro appeal. A  blusher thin veil that covers the face and stops at the top of the garment. It is pulled aside throughout the ceremony to reveal the bride, which creates an emotional moment when the groom meets his bride for the first time.

4-9” BirdCage Wedding Veil

This tiny, flirtatious bridal veil can fall at the jawline, skim the nose, or just cover the eyes. This type is often referred to as a bandeau veil and is typically constructed of lace or net.

20–22″ Shoulder-Length Wedding Veil

This bridal veil style hits your shoulders, as the name implies. For brides who prefer a traditional-looking veil that doesn’t overpower the features of their gown, shoulder-length bridal veils are a fantastic alternative.

32″ Elbow Wedding Veil

An attractive alternative to cover up without donning a heavy bolero or shrug is with an elbow-length veil if you prefer a more formal appearance for your ceremony. You guessed it—an elbow veil—falls gently from the bride’s shoulders to her elbow.

38–40″ Fingertip Wedding Veil

A fingertip veil is a popular option since it hangs past the bride’s hips and allows any pattern on the back of her gown to be seen through the sheer material.

48″ Knee-Length Veil

This bridal veil length, which is intended to fall to your knee, adds drama and elegance without adding bulk. Depending on your height, the veil can be changed to fall slightly longer or slightly shorter so that it hits just above your knee.

60″ Waltz Wedding Veil

There is no requirement that you remove your veil for the reception. But if you do decide to wear it, make sure it won’t obstruct your ability to dance and mingle. A waltz veil is an excellent choice for individuals who want to wear a longer veil for the reception but still want the flexibility to walk about freely during the night. It falls to the mid-calf. This type of wedding veil is also known as a ballet veil.

72″ floor-length bridal veil

The bride’s dress is the same length as the veil, which is floor-length and barely touches the ground. If you were debating between a ballgown and a more streamlined style, the flowing fabric will offer extra volume to your appearance, which is ideal for the bride.

90″ chapel wedding veil

Refusing to take the train? A chapel-length veil will give the appearance of a train without the need for bothersome bustling. A chapel-length veil that slightly overhangs the bride’s dress sweeps across the floor.

108–120″ cathedral wedding veils

You need a cathedral-length veil to make the most majestic entrance. The most dramatic length for a veil to go down the aisle is a cathedral length, which reaches past the bride’s dress’ train. You can shop for a veil as you scroll for your bridal designer wedding gowns online.

Three considerations for selecting a wedding veil

Establish Your Budget

Be aware of the cost. What may appear to be a cheap piece of fabric may end up costing considerably more than anticipated, easily driving up the expense of your wedding’s decor. Some veils might even be more expensive than the dress itself.

Similar to gowns, the cost of veils can vary greatly, mainly depending on the level of elaboration. Simple veils can cost as little as $280 to $400, but more elaborate ones might cost as much as $3500 or more. You may immediately narrow down your veil selections by knowing how much you can spend.

Think About your hairstyle

An entirely different veil placement might be achieved with a tight bun as opposed to long, flowing curls. For instance, if you choose the former, you might choose to tuck your veil under the bun to highlight your updo. If the latter is what you have in mind, you might wish to create volume by pinning the veil to your head’s crown.

Try on many wedding veils while wearing your dress.

Naturally, you’ll want a veil that complements the vibe of your dress without competing with it because it will assist define your style on the big day. It’s crucial that the bride feels most beautiful in whatever vision is presented because the appearance might vary drastically with the simple addition of a veil.

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Famous & Popular Bridal Fashion Trends for 2022 Weddings

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