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Your wedding day is one of your life’s most significant and memorable. To ensure that everything runs smoothly and seamlessly, having the right essentials on hand is crucial. Whether shopping at a bridal boutique wedding shop or browsing online on Nurj Bridal, here’s a checklist of 10 must-have items for your big day.


Wedding Dress: The centerpiece of your wedding attire, your wedding gown should be chosen carefully and reflect your personal style. Nurj Bridal has one of the biggest collections of Wedding dress Abu Dhabi. You can choose from various designs and collections and find your dream dress.


Bridal Accessories: Complement your wedding gown with carefully selected accessories. This includes a veil or headpiece, jewelry, shoes, and a clutch or purse to carry your essentials.


Bridesmaid Dresses: If you have bridesmaids, finding their dresses is important. Consider their preferences, body types, and the overall theme or color scheme of your wedding when making your selection. Once again, Nurj Bridal will be the perfect choice for you.


Groom’s Attire: Don’t forget about the groom! Coordinate with your partner to choose a stylish suit or tuxedo that complements your wedding theme and color palette. Accessories like a tie, bowtie, or pocket square can add an extra touch of elegance.


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Wedding Rings: The symbol of your eternal love and commitment, wedding rings are a significant part of your special day. Visit a trusted jeweler to find the perfect rings that suit your style and budget.


Wedding Stationery: From save-the-date cards to wedding invitations and thank-you cards, wedding stationery sets the tone for your event. Find beautifully designed options that align with your wedding theme and personalize them with your name and details.


Ceremony and Reception Decor: Transform your venue into a magical space with carefully chosen decorations. This includes floral arrangements, centerpieces, table linens, chair covers, and lighting to create your desired ambiance.


Wedding Cake: The centerpiece of your reception, the wedding cake is a delicious treat and a visual delight. Collaborate with a talented baker to design a cake that matches your wedding theme and satisfies your taste buds.


Photography and Videography Services: Capture every precious moment of your wedding day with professional photography and videography services. Research and book experienced professionals to ensure your memories are preserved for a lifetime.


Wedding Favors: Show your appreciation to your guests with thoughtful wedding favors. These can be personalized items, edible treats, or small tokens that remind them of your special day.


By following this essential wedding shop checklist, you’ll have all the necessary items to create a memorable and flawless wedding day. Remember to plan ahead, make bookings in advance, and work closely with reputable vendors to bring your vision to life.

With Nurj Bridal already selecting and making your wedding gown perfect, make sure you tend to attend to the other matters of your wedding.